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How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?
July 20, 2015

Polarized sunglasses have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Outdoor enthusiasts have praised their benefits especially for watersports,…

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affordable eye wear
5 Eye Wear Trends for 2015
January 21, 2015

Affordable eye wear allows you to indulge your sense of style and choose a number of frames to switch things up…

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eye exams ottawa
The History of Eye Glasses
December 3, 2014

Eye glasses have been helping us see since the 13th century with an interesting history beginning in Italy. The First Glasses…

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5 eyewear trends for fall
5 Eyewear Trends for Fall
September 17, 2014

Affordable eyewear doesn’t always have to mean compromising. You can find the glasses that appeal to your sense of style without…

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the risk of purchasing glasses online
The Risk of Purchasing Glasses Online
September 4, 2014

Money can sometimes be tight, and it is very tempting to try and cut corners whenever possible, however purchasing glasses should…

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why you should invest in sunglasses
Why You Should Invest in a Good Pair of Sunglasses
July 16, 2014

Most people view their sunglasses as an important fashion accessory and take little care in choosing a pair that will actually…

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how eyewear is your best accessory
How Eye Wear Is Your Best Accessory
June 25, 2014

It used to be that a child would visit their optometrist with dread worried they would be told they need glasses….

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why wearing sunglasses is vital to your optical health
Why Wearing Sunglasses is Vital to your Optical Health
May 21, 2014

Wearing sunglasses is vital to ensure your best optical health. Although many people believe that they are only necessary in the…

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5 reasons you should have prescription sunglasses
5 Reasons Why You Should Have Prescription Sunglasses
April 30, 2014

When you step out on a sunny day and squint up to the sky it is not a comfortable feeling. Many…

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