You may have heard of the term transition lenses but aren’t entirely sure what they are. Transition lenses are a type of photochromic lenses used for eyeglasses. They are an amazing technological advancement that appear clear when indoors and then darken when exposed to light. Activated by the UV rays, the lenses can continually adapt and darken so you get consistent vision indoors and outdoors. To understand all the benefits read on, as we discuss how transition lenses can improve your vision.



You can experience the most advanced technologies found in the eyeglass industry when wearing transition lenses. The lenses are completely responsive to light, so when you’re outside they polarize for greater glare control. This effect is continual so the lenses will constantly adjust to match the perfect amount of reflective glare for optimal vision.


Protection for Your Eyes

Transition lenses work to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. And in turn, your eyes are protected from damage and also from eye conditions caused by direct sunlight exposure and UV radiation.


Vision Enhancing

By providing better contrast and clarity you won’t have to suffer from eyestrain anymore. You can experience enhanced vision quality, as well as comfortable eye protection.


For All Conditions

For the lenses to work, the molecules inside called naphthopyrans are activated by UV light. When the light strikes the lens, the molecules change their structure and begin to absorb more light which results in darkening of the lens. As long as UV light is present the lenses will adjust. And since the clouds above don’t fully block the harmful UVA and UVB rays, you can experience the benefits of transition lenses even in cloudy weather.


Wide Range

The transition lenses are available for nearly every type of eyeglass lens. They also come in different coloured tints so you can find ones to complement your personal style and favourite activities. There are also specialty options, such as lenses that have a slight tint for indoor use to help reduce exposure to bright lighting.


Available as Sunglasses

You can also purchase photochromic sunglasses. These are useful in areas where the UV rays are completely blocked, like behind your car’s front windshield. Having a pair of photochromic sunglasses are an excellent way to enhance visual performance during driving and provide extra protection from the sun.

Now you don’t have to keep switching between your normal glasses and your sunglasses when going from inside to outside and vice versa. You can wear transition glasses that look clear indoors and then darken automatically when in the sunlight.

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