Affordable eyewear doesn’t always have to mean compromising. You can find the glasses that appeal to your sense of style without having to make budget cuts. With the fall season approaching there are many attractive fashion trends that can make your glasses your best accessory. Here are 5 eyewear trends for fall:

1940’s Classic Glam

The glamorous look of the silver screen conjures up visions of mystery with retro styles and a 1940’s influence. The timeless and classic elegance and sophistication of the glam girls of the 40’s take their cue from the style of sunglasses worn by famous bomb shells like Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth. It is easy to rock this look with affordable eye wear that is flirty, sophisticated and even a little edgy.

Oversized Lenses and frames

Oversized lenses and frames are available in all shapes and colours to add impact and drama to your stylish look. Plastic frames in all styles are also getting bigger. The oversized black framed glasses that made their appearance a few years back have morphed into every shape and colour available in plastic frames. This look is fun and funky. You can also find many new and interesting geometric shapes in plastic frames with thicker designs that add drama and offer an avant garde vibe.


Patterns are appearing on frames with tortoise shell growing in popularity. However patterns are limitless, adding texture and flash. Colouful contrast as well as classic black and white allows you to switch up your look and go from fun and flirty to classy and sophisticated depending on your mood.


An industrial, scientific look that offer a cross between nerd and mathematical genius brings an edgy, funky look to this year’s eye wear. Black frames with thinner plastic than the chunkier oversized frames offer a sense of intrigue and intelligence to your look but this style also comes in a number of neutral tones and metal finishes.


This look crosses a number of looks popular over the last few decades. Bohemian is a combination of John Lennon, with a thinned down Elvis gold hued metal and a shape more reminiscent of aviators than granny glasses.

If you are looking for affordable eye wear don’t feel you have to head straight to the display case with last year’s cast offs. Any of these new design trends are well within your reach.