Let’s face it – most of us don’t get our eyes checked as often as we probably should. And it’s usually because people just don’t realize how often they should get their eyes examined. If you’re like most, then read further as we help outline how often you and your family should get your eyes examined.


Average Duration

Most experts will agree that eye exams should be performed between every one to two years. The duration will depend on your age, if you currently wear glasses, and your risk factor for developing eye conditions.


Children Without Eyewear

Children should have their eyes checked as early as six months of age. Their next exam will then be scheduled based on their risk factors. The common risk factors include: crossed eyes, hereditary eye disease, high refractive error, developmental delays, pregnancy problems, premature birth, and physical disease or illness.

For children with no risk factors, they can have their next eye exam at the age of three, and then every two years after until they are adults. For those who have any of the mentioned risk factors, the doctor may ask that the child be examined more frequently, possibly every year.


Children With Eyewear

If your child already has eyewear then they should attend an eye exam every year. This ensures that the eyes advance properly and as they should during their developmental years.


Adults Without Eyewear

As an adult, you should engage in a comprehensive eye exam every two years if you do not have any risk factors and are under the age of sixty. Seniors should visit the eye doctor at least once a year, depending on their vision condition and doctor’s recommendation. And adults that have the following risk factors may be recommended to see the doctor also on an annual basis: hereditary eye disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, medications that impact vision, previous eye injuries, previous eye surgery and those who work in an industry that poses potential hazards to the eyes.


Adults With Eyewear

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you should have an annual eye exam to ensure your prescription is the right level for optimal vision. Talk to your eye care professional about providing an examination schedule suited to your condition.

Your eyes are the most important of your five senses. They help you interpret and experience the world around you. That’s why you should make sure to visit your eye care professional as required to maintain optimal vision.