Affordable eye wear allows you to indulge your sense of style and choose a number of frames to switch things up a little. Here are five eye care trends for 2015 to keep your peepers fashionable:

Bright Colours

You can have a lot of fun with this trend which has taken some influence from the shiny clothes and bright colours of the rave crowd in the 90’s. You will see plenty of flair with colours in bright reds, brilliant blues and combined and contrasting colours such as bumble bee yellow and black.

Noteworthy Lenses

In sunglasses the brightness will not just be found with the frames but also in the lenses. Designers are having fun giving you a new look at the world through rose coloured, yellow, blue and even purple hued plum lenses. Everything is peachy.

White Frames

Sunglasses with bold white frames are also popular in elegant classic shapes such as slightly oversized cat eyes. You will note a sense of Hollywood with these snappy classics that are a throwback to the 60’s with a very chic feel.

Massive Frames

There has always been a certain appeal to the oversized framed sunglass. However this year it is beyond oversized and into downright massive glasses that rise above the brow and well below the lower eye reaching the end of the nose.

Summer of Love

1967 was the summer of love when the world was drawn to the streets of Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. It seemed to carry into following years and the influence of that mellow summer is being seen in sunglasses this year. Strong influences from the late 60’s and early 70’s are showing up on affordable eye wear for a very retro, very high fashion look.

Cat Eye Charm

The late 50’s and 60’s were the founding eras of the classic cat eyed frame which was feminine yet nerdy all at the same time. This look in 2015 will transform into something more current with varying sizes mimicking this charming style.

Green, the New Neutral

Military influences in fashion have made neutral khaki greens popular this year. You will see this colour appearing on affordable eye wear introducing a new neutral into your accessories. Just make sure you choose a flattering colour to complement your skin tone.

Affordable eye wear is the perfect way to update your look for 2015.