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Snow and Sun Glare - Why You need Sunglasses on Your Morning Commute
Snow and Sun Glare – Why You Need Sunglasses on Your Morning Commute
January 9, 2018

When winter hits, your morning commute can become even more agonizing with the harsh weather conditions thrown into the mix. Environments…

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Older man wearing transition lenses using a tablet
What Are Transition Lenses?
August 28, 2017

You may have heard of the term transition lenses but aren’t entirely sure what they are. Transition lenses are a…

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Heading to the Beach? How to Protect Your Eyes
Heading to the Beach? How to Protect Your Eyes
August 14, 2017

With beautiful weather outside and the kids out of school, there’s no better time to hit the beach and enjoy some…

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young woman in a cat-shaped glasses
Plan Your Spring/Summer Glasses Look Early
April 3, 2017

Glasses can be the best part of your wardrobe if you let them! They not only represent your style and character,…

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woman wearing sunglasses while hiking in the winter
Why Sunglasses Are Important in the Winter
February 13, 2017

For many of us, it can be easy enough to forget about those sunny days that occur throughout the wintertime –…

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young woman wearing sunglasses
Let’s Talk About Sunglasses Lens Tints
August 8, 2016

There are a lot of different things you’re going to have to do to keep your sunglasses looking brand new for…

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young couple in suglasses
5 Reasons to Invest In Prescription Sunglasses
July 25, 2016

When asked, the majority of people getting glasses will turn down the option of getting a pair of prescription sunglasses as…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes All Summer Long
June 27, 2016

Our eyes are under constant attack on a daily basis from all different kinds of “invisible enemies”, but when summer rolls…

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4 Risks of UV Damage to Your Eyes
June 13, 2016

Visit any grocery store or pharmacy, and you’re bound to find shelves and shelves of different products that work to protect…

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man on the sports bike in sunglasses
Caring for Your Eyes This Spring
May 23, 2016

Spring is a time of renewal and it’s a wonderful time to feel alive. When you learn to care for your…

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