With the multitude of bold, retro and unique styles gracing the runways today, eyewear fashion is more of a staple than ever when it comes to updating and accessorizing any outfit. From embellished frames to the classic aviators, sunglasses are your perfect go-to accessory this summer. Whether you prefer to wear them on your face, dangle them from your shirt or wear them atop the head, any fashionista knows that a good set of frames is an essential part of building any fashion-forward outfit. We’re here to show you how they can refresh and switch up your entire wardrobe this season.

A Statement Piece For Any Outfit

It doesn’t matter what style of frame you’re into; sunglasses are undoubtedly the statement piece for any outfit. When they first emerged on the fashion scene as a new trending accessory back in the 1930s, the first images for advertising set the stage as a cool, rebellious and glamorous look which helped transform the traditional concepts of beauty. Today, they still carry that same cool, aloof and I-just-don’t-give-a-damn attitude that makes them such a simple but powerful piece. 

Accentuate your boho style with a pair of round frames, highlight your sassy side with some cat eyes, show off your fun and whimsical character with heart shapes, or go bold with a staple pair of oversized Chanel frames. No matter your preference, there’s a perfect frame to reflect your style and attitude.

Colour Match With Anything

Summer is all about shedding those winter layers for brighter, bolder and more beautiful colours. And with so many different frames to choose from today, you can find just about any colour to match your outfits. Psychedelic green, fiery red, gold, blue, purple and everything in between – whatever colourful mood you’re in, you can find the perfect splash of frames to set the tone for your summer wardrobe. It’s the easiest way to add some summer flair to your look in an instant.

Show Off Your Favourite Brands

From Gucci to Fendi to Raybans to Chanel and the plethora of other brands that we adore – there’s an endless array of names out there that depict and represent the look and quality we want to exude. Stand out with the brands that reflect your style and personality best. For simple and classic, grab your Rayban wayfarers. For a girl’s day out on the town, oversized Kate Spade’s are the go-to. For that luxurious and sophisticated garden party, you can’t go wrong with your Pradas.  It’s an effortless way to up your anté and add that little touch of sophisticated, high-end chicness to your look.

With the variety of designs and colours that are available today, sunglasses are still one of the key staple items for mastering expressive styles, statement pieces and accessorizing any summer outfit to reflect your mood and personality. 

At Laurier Optical, we carry an extensive range of frames, from the classics to the latest and greatest trends. No matter what your preference is, we guarantee that you’ll find it here. Swing by one of our locations to browse through our selection to get your wardrobe looking fabulous for any occasion this summer! If you need to update your prescription or get your eyes examined, we offer the best in eye care services too. Come by today!