Those trendy, low-priced eyeglasses you found online might look nice, but they could be harmful to your eyes. Many no-name vendors don’t follow the same rules and regulations that licensed professionals must follow. And with so many vendors popping up online, it’s nearly impossible to regulate or monitor them all. What does that mean for consumers? You could be purchasing a pair that doesn’t match the subscription advertised, that doesn’t have UV protection or that doesn’t come in a size that will properly fit. Ultimately, you could be purchasing eyeglasses that are doing more harm than good. If you’re unsure whether you should opt for that low-priced pair online, read this article first to find out why you shouldn’t settle for cheap eyeglasses no matter how great they may appear.

The Prescription

In 2012, the School of Optometry at the University of Montreal studied 16 frames and 32 lenses that were purchased from online retailers. They found that many of the lenses did not match the prescriptions that were being advertised. Purchasing an erroneous prescription may not seem like a big deal, but it can be for your vision and eye health. Using the wrong prescription can cause a number of issues, including intense headaches, vertigo, and it can even worsen your vision problems.

When you visit a licensed professional eyeglasses store, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong prescription. Your eyes are tested right then and there so you can be matched with the perfect pair of lenses to keep your vision crystal clear and healthy.

The Level of UV Protection

Many of those cheap eyeglasses advertising 100% UV protection are not telling you the whole truth. Regular plastic eyeglass lenses can block out most UV light, but not all. Polycarbonate and high-index plastics, on the other hand, have 100% protection built within them. Photochromic lenses also block out the sun’s rays and will protect your eyes from the glare. Wearing glasses that don’t provide 100% UV protection can increase your risk for developing macular degeneration, along with other serious eye conditions.

The Fit

When it comes to eyeglasses, one size does not fit all. But cheap glasses tend to only come in one size, which rarely fit right. The difference when you buy a quality pair from a reputable eyeglass vendor is that they’ll take your measurements and make sure that they fit perfectly.

The Coating

If you want your eyeglasses to last longer than a month, having a pair with front and back clear, scratch-proof coating is necessary. Cheaply made glasses don’t include this coating or anti-reflective coating which eliminates glare. If you want to give your eyes the best treatment to improve and safeguard your vision with glasses that will last, avoid buying from unlicensed vendors online.

Don’t waste your money. Come see us at Laurier Optical and our onsite optometrist will fit you with a pair of glasses that will fit perfectly, improve your vision and last.