Your eyeglasses allow you to see the world clearly. And if you don’t take proper care of them they can easily become damaged, costing you unnecessary money to replace. So, you need to know how to take care of your glasses to ensure they last for years to come. The best way to maintain the quality of your glasses is to clean them regularly using the proper solutions and techniques. By using a combination of these 6 options for cleaning your eyeglasses, you can keep your vision crystal clear.

Good Old-Fashioned Dishwashing Liquid

The easiest method to clean your glasses is to use warm water and some mild dishwashing liquid. Simply use a couple drops of your dish cleaner along with a cotton dishcloth to wipe your glasses clean.

Spray for Better Results

You don’t need to use an expensive spray, but you need to use a reliable spray that is designed for eye wear glasses. And whatever you do, avoid cleaners that have bleach, ammonia or vinegar – they will eat away at the protective lens coatings of your glasses.

Microfibre for Optimal Results

The key to keeping your glasses looking their best is to use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe your lenses after you spray. They are designed to effectively clean your glasses without scratching the surface of the glass. Made of polyester and nylon, these fibres work together to absorb water easily, attract grease and lock in any dirt. All you need to do is add a little water and wipe for optimal results.

Pre-Moistened Cloths When on the Move

When on the go, we recommend you carry a wet cloth designed for glass cleaning. There are a variety of disposable pre-moistened clothes on the market. It’s easy to keep your glasses looking clean without leaving any streaks behind.

Blast Dirt with Ultrasonic Waves

You can also have your glasses cleaned using an ultrasound cleaner. These devices use ultrasound waves to remove dirt and other forms of residue without the risk of damage. Simply put your glasses in the chamber, set the time, and let the cleaning process for your glasses begin.

Don’t Forget the Frames

Your frames also become dirty. So don’t forget to clean your frames with a microfiber cloth whenever you clean your lenses.

Whatever method you decide is best for you, just remember that the more you clean your eyeglasses, the longer your lenses will last.