When it comes to owning eyeglasses, you should be aware that they are scratch resistant, not necessarily scratch proof. The smallest amount of debris can cause damage to the lenses which can ruin your glasses and cost you money to replace. But with some proper glass cleaning techniques, you can keep your eyewear clean and functioning the way it should. Here we look at how you can clean your glasses properly to maintain clear vision.


You should first wash your hands and then your glasses under lukewarm water. The water will remove any debris that will otherwise scratch your lenses when you are cleaning them. As an alternative, you can also use a safe spray eyeglass cleaner to rinse your lenses. Ask your optometrist or optician for recommended eyeglass cleaners that won’t scratch, stain, or damage the lenses.


To clean the glasses, use lens cleaning wipes or a small drop of dishwashing detergent that is free of lotions or moisturizers. Apply the drops to your glasses and gently rub the lenses, frames, and nose pads. Don’t forget to clean the edge where the frame and lenses meet, as dirt and other particles commonly build up in these areas.


Once you have finished cleaning the glasses, rinse off the soap and gently shake the glasses to remove any excess water.  Use a clean, soft cloth to dry the glasses and then use a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges.

What to Look For

If your glass lenses have an anti-reflective AR coating, ensure the cleaner you choose is approved for lenses with this type of coating. Plus, you should look for microfiber cloths, as these are the best type of cloths to use for cleaning and drying. They are specially designed to trap oils and avoid smearing on the lenses.

What Not to Do

Avoid using your shirt to clean your glasses as there could be materials that can scratch your glasses. Also, avoid household glass cleaners, even though they clean windows they are not designed for the coating that is on your lenses. And lastly, avoid paper towels, toilet paper and napkins, as they will leave your glasses full of annoying lint, putting you back to step one.

If your lenses have scratches or have other components that have become difficult to clean, you should visit your eye care professional at Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic. They have the proper tools to clean and fix your eyeglasses.