Glasses can be the best part of your wardrobe if you let them! They not only represent your style and character, but they can also enhance your wardrobe with that added touch of flair. Spring and summer scream vivid, bold, and flirty, so knowing the trends and planning your look early can get you ahead of the crowd and looking your best. Here are few of the trends to follow this spring and summer.

The Trends for 2017

Getting ahead on the seasonal trends can be a synch if you know where to look for direction. Checking out the latest fashion magazines, runway videos, and celebrity pics can help you get an idea of what styles are right for you. This year, modern, classic, and funky eyewear will set the tone for our spring and summer styles.

Bright Colours

Spring and summer are all about brightening up your style. That means swapping out your dark frames for new bold, bright colours such as rosy pink, powder blue, and yellow.

Sophistication is key

Gold metal eyewear will make a debut this year – perfect for the office or to gain a look of sophistication. You can choose between round and square shapes to really accent this style.

Funky Patterns

The spring and summer are all about highlighting those patterned frames. Floral designs, polka dots, leopard print are just a few of the patterns that set to make waves this upcoming season.

Fun Shapes

Rounded sunglasses are making a big comeback and all the top designers are getting in on the fun. Elegant, retro, and sexy cat-shaped glasses have been grabbing the attention of fashionistas and will continue to this year. Plus, clip-ons and butterflies are cool once again!

And if you were hoping to pick up some oversized frames or hipster glasses, you shouldn’t have any problem finding these available in your local optical stores, as they are still rocking the trends this year.

Glittering and Sparkling

If bold is your thing, it will be hard to pass up all the glitter and sparkling styles that are come out this year. Studded stones will make a big appearance on oversized lenses, especially for sunglasses.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to freshen your look and get a head start on the spring and summer eyewear fashion! Whether bold, subtle, funky, or sophisticated, you can find the perfect style to reflect your personality and wardrobe.