If you use more than one pair of glasses throughout your day, you’re definitely not alone in this. The reality is that one pair simply often isn’t enough. And when you’re scrambling to get through your busy day, having more than one pair can often be the difference between getting somewhere on time, and having to head back home to grab them. If you’ve been struggling with the one pair you own and are considering getting another one or two, here’s why we feel it’s a good idea to always have multiple pairs of glasses on hand.

Accidents Can Happen

It’s a reality that we must all face – accidents can happen, and our glasses can easily become precariously placed and crushed. Even as diligent as you may try to be, it’s impossible to avoid them all. Having more than one can alleviate that aggravation if your glasses should ever happen to fall or get crushed.

Convenience – Store in Multiple Places

There’s no greater frustration to those who wear glasses than forgetting them at home, at the office, or anywhere. This is often the main reason why so many have more than one pair to store and keep in various locations so they won’t have to endure those situations of trying to get through the day without being able to see properly.

Different Glasses for Different Purposes

Sometimes, your eyes can require more that one type of prescription. Whether it’s near and distance vision, or day and night vision – you can have a pair on hand for what you may need. You can even get a prescription pair of sunglasses so you can protect your eyes and keep your vision nice and sharp throughout those bright and sunny days.

Athletic Activities

If you enjoy being active or playing on sports teams, then your regular everyday glasses simply aren’t an option to wear. Active eyewear can differ greatly from regular, everyday glasses. Most sports glasses are shatter, scratch, and UV resistant. You can also select frames that are more likely to stay on your face during vigorous activity.

Switch Up Your Look

If you’re heading out on the town, or running to catch the bus for a class, sometimes you want a variety of frames so that you can switch up your style for various occasions. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every day, so why should you wear the same frames everyday? Multiple pairs of glasses provide you with the variety for when you want to switch up your look.

So if you’re on the fence for whether it’s worth it to have more than one pair of glasses, trust the experts in optics vision when we tell you that it definitely is!