As the temperature begins to cool down, the air for many of us begins to dry out significantly and make us run for the lotion. But when it comes to those who suffer from allergies, between the dry, cool air and the forced heat indoors, your eyes can often be left in an itchy agonizing state. So whether you or a loved one suffers from dry eyes, or even simply dry skin, here are some good ways to stay on top of that air and keep your eyes and skin healthy and happy.

Use a Humidifier

When it comes to the fall and wintertime, a humidifier will become your best friend. Plug it in, fill it up, turn it on and leave it on until that warmer weather and humid air returns in the spring. If you have yet to experience the difference in comfort when using a humidifier, try using it for just one week and then go a night without it. You and you eyes will surely notice the difference.

Clean Out Your Vents

Before you have to crank on that heat, think about of all of that dust that has accumulated over the summer. So before you turn that thermostat on, get out a cloth and a duster – if you can vacuum it, even better – and give your vents, as well as your entire home a good dusting. The last thing your eyes need is to have to endure dry and dusty air.

Change up your eye makeup

When you’ve got the humidifier rolling and the dust is under control, if your eyes still seem to be itchy and irritated, it could be a problem with your eye makeup. Sometimes your eyes can become sensitive to certain ingredients within the products that you use. So try to opt for ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic makeup instead. These are designed with ingredients that won’t harm or irritate your eyes.

Visit your Orleans Ophthalmologist

When all else has failed and your eyes still can’t seem to get any relief, it’s time to visit your ophthalmologist in Orleans. They can assess your eyes properly and prescribe some medical-grade eye drops to help soothe your symptoms.

So before that deep freeze hits and that air and heat confiscate all of the moisture within your home, give your eyes the best chances at feel happy and itch-free by using a humidifier, and dusting out all of those vents. And when in doubt, always visit your ophthalmologist if you can’t seem to get any relief. They can assess what may be causing the irritation and provide you with the proper solution to make you and your eyes happy again.