When asked, the majority of people getting glasses will turn down the option of getting a pair of prescription sunglasses as well, opting instead of cheap department store sunglasses that provide no eyesight benefit. This is a shame because prescription sunglasses can provide a range of advantages. Let’s take a moment to review five reasons why you should consider investing in prescription sunglasses.

1. They Will Last Longer

Prescriptions sunglasses that you invest money into will typically last longer then inexpensive glasses. They will be made of better materials, be lightweight, and be more resistant to damage. Prescription sunglasses can become your go-to sunglasses, offering perfect vision and style while offering you less glare from the sun.

2. Your Vision is Not Expected to Change Much over the Lifetime of Your Glasses

Most people do not wear their prescription sunglasses as often as they will wear their regular glasses. The benefit of this is that you will have a pair of glasses that you can carry with you for years. In addition to lasting longer, you can also benefit from the fact that your eyes will not change that much over time. While primary glasses will need to be more accurate, sunglasses have some wiggle room, allowing you to get away with keeping them longer.

3. Quality is Visible by Others

Let’s be real. Many sunglasses out there look cheap. By investing in a quality pair of sunglasses, the material quality alone will shine through. It is hard to put one’s finger on exactly what makes the sunglasses look cheap. However, prescription sunglasses manage to look fantastic and not risk looking low quality.

4. Wider Variety of Styles

Sunglasses, like regular prescription glasses from an optical clinic, come in a much wider variety than those you can buy in a department store. Along with being better made and providing a greater range of protection, investing in prescription sunglasses will mean having more styles to choose from. Since they can be custom-made, you can decide on the exact style you want to match your complexion.

5. Better Protective Lens Coatings

When you invest in prescription sunglasses, you are putting money into better lens that are more capable of keeping out harmful UV lights. In addition, they are more carefully designed, offering better visibility, better protection, and better comfort. If nothing else, the prescription on the lens makes it so that you can wear them when driving or when seeing either close or far is necessary depending on your eyesight.

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