Buying new eyeglasses helps to promote perfect vision and doing so is also a perfect way to show your personal style in a whole new way. If you like to stay abreast of trends, you’ll find that our guide to the hottest spring eyewear looks in 2016 is well worth a look. Without further ado, let’s talk about what’s hot and happening in eyewear design for this year!

Cat Eye Styles are In Vogue

Women who want sexy eyeglasses may wish to opt for cat-eye styles, as these feline-inspired designs offer tons of retro appeal. Cat styles feature elongated looks which are sleek and fashionable and they pair well with a range of fashion choices, such as pencil skirts, fitted cardigans and kitten heels. If you love “Mad Men” style, you’ll get the look with these designs, which hearken back to the 50s and 60s. They add a little mystery and lots of eyewear designers are offering them to clients this year.

Geeky Frames are Very Popular

Geek chic is a hot trend overall and thicker, chunkier eyeglass frames with a decidedly nerdy appeal are everywhere these days. Men who choose these styles get the Clark Kent look and women who go for this look are able to rock an alternative look which pairs well with casual clothes. Kate Winslet, who dazzled audiences in Titanic and a host of other cinematic efforts, wore geeky frames to the Oscars and they added edge and style to her sweeping black gown. She proved that these glasses are versatile enough to go almost anywhere!

Tortoise Shell Frames are Making a Comeback

If you love brown and natural-looking frame materials, you may just be a candidate for classic tortoise shell eyeglass frames. These look great on anyone who has blonde or brown hair, although people with all sorts of colouring are sporting them these days. Look for real tortoiseshell or faux and then choose a shape which appeals to you. In general, you should scale the size of your frames to your face!

Now that you know what fashionable people are wearing, you’ll be ready to choose a pair of eyeglasses which is on the cutting-edge of style. Eyeglasses come at an array of price points, so you should be able to find something which is perfect for your needs. Once you’ve gotten your new eyeglasses, you may find that they give you a welcome dose of self-confidence.