If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, you should know that you won’t need to sacrifice style in order to correct your vision via eyeglasses. Glasses are very stylish nowadays and some hot new trends are out there, which give fashion-conscious consumers even more choices.

To help you learn what’s hot and happening in the world of eyewear trends, we’ve created a guide to the five newest eyewear trends:

Retro Seventies Frames are Becoming Popular

Many big eyeglass manufacturers are creating retro-inspired eyewear designs which have a distinct seventies vibe. In terms of sunglasses, lenses are often tinted with golden hues or sepia tones in order to give them a bit of retro appeal. Also, regular eyeglasses which are crafted from vintage woods and plastics are definitely hot right now.

It’s possible to find more affordable versions of the most runway-ready styles. It’s all about finding eyeglasses which feature colours and shapes which were popular back in the freewheeling 1970s.

Geekier Glasses are Fashionable Choices

Nerdy styles give edge to a look – think Clark Kent before he turns into Superman! This is why old-fashioned eyeglass styles are so appealing at the moment. Geeky eyeglasses are typically thicker and chunkier than is conventional (think of the late Buddy Holly’s classic frames in order to gather inspiration!) and some of the world’s most stylish eyeglass manufacturers are giving their eyewear designs more substance by creating blockier frames for a truly geeky look.

Classic Cat Eyes are Perennial Favorites

Cat eye designs make women look sexy and this is why they are turned to again and again. At the moment, cat eye glasses are definitely popular, as they look just right with so many clothing silhouettes, including fitted sweaters, pencil skirts and kitten heels. These traditionally feminine glasses are actually pretty versatile – they’ll look good with almost anything, including very modern clothes, as their retro style will add a bit of welcome contrast.

Sleek and Modern Frames are Practical Choices

Some people don’t want a retro look. They prefer something thoroughly modern. For these types of people, there are plenty of sleek and modern frames available, which have a sophisticated, stripped-down appearance. Go for charcoal, black or taupe frames which are free of embellishments and have simple, sculptural shapes. Then, wear them with modern clothes, such as fitted suits or casual togs. You’ll look very pulled-together and fresh!

Prescription Sunglasses are Great for Spring

Having a pair of prescription sunglasses for spring will help you to protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays and they come in all of the styles that we’ve talked about here. Go for classic aviators if you want a fashion-conscious look or choose retro-style cat eye sunglasses for true vintage-inspired glamour.

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