If you are shopping for affordable eye wear and want to find frames to make a statement why not look for iconic symbols from some of the most memorable movie characters of all time? Here are five of the most memorable glasses to use as inspiration when shopping for your affordable eye wear:

Audrey Hepburn, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

If you consider yourself a fashionista and haven’t seen this movie then you must! Audrey Hepburn’s elegant frame was perhaps the inspiration for the long and lean models of today. Her iconic sense of style in this movie was highlighted by her high fashion, dark sunglasses which are sexy and mysterious and still worn by women today. Her brown framed “wayfarers” were all the more seductive when she pulled them down to reveal her large, lovely eyes.

Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter”

The Harry Potter character became a sensation long before actor Daniel Radcliffe hit the big screen. Even without the now familiar face and look of those large round wire framed glasses, kids and adults alike had that image burned into their imaginations from reading the books. Smaller versions of the familiar wire frames are also referred to as granny glasses or by the name of another familiar face: John Lennon.

Tom Cruise, “Top Gun”

Nothing made Ray Ban sunglasses more popular than the movie “Top Gun”. One of the roles that helped shoot Tom cruise to the top of his career, pilot Maverick was the bad boy that women could not resist. His cool Ray Ban sunglasses, in the classic aviator style were the perfect look to set Tom Cruise on a career as an attractive leading man.

“Men in Black”

The dark sunglasses of the “Men in Black” became synonymous with the simple black suit. When Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith donned their heavy, black plastic frames to protect themselves when using their “neuralizer” audiences saw a new look they were happy to imitate. Although the dark sunglass frame has been touted by a number of famous people including Jackie Onassis, this pair of detectives breathed new life into an old look.

Christian Slater, “Interview with a Vampire”

The large plastic frames sported by reporter Daniel is one of the most popular looks in affordable eye wear today.

You can use any of these iconic looks for inspiration when shopping for your affordable eye wear.