Vision is extremely important in everyday life, and as much as you love being able to see glasses can be a hassle. Needing corrective eye wear is extremely common, but don’t let your glasses hold you back from who you are. If you’re no longer happy with wearing glasses perhaps it’s time to consider contact lenses.

Below are some of the many reasons why you should consider changing from glasses to contact lenses, if one or more of these reasons suit you, contact your eye care professional for more information on contact lenses.


Depending on your eye vision and health, contact lenses may or may not be right for you. Certain eye health problems can prevent you from wearing contacts, however they can also provide a vision fix that glasses sometimes cannot. Seeing you eye care professional will tell you as to whether or not contacts are an option for you.


Contact lenses are exceptionally small and carrying them around in their case is much easier than having to carry your glasses, glass cleaner and cleaning cloth. Not only are contacts easy to carry around but they’re also easy to care for. On average you only have to clean your contact lenses one or two times a day, depending on the type of contacts you’re using, and if something gets in your eyes. Weather elements such as rain, snow, and extreme cold temperatures will no longer cause an issue as your eyelids act as a barrier, protecting the contact lenses.


Wearing contact lenses will give you some freedom from traditional glasses. You’ll be able to attend 3D movies without having to wear the movie theatre glasses on top of your prescription glasses, and you’ll be able to pick out your favourite pair of sunglasses without needing the lenses changed, ultimately saving you money.


Wearing glasses can prevent you from taking part in certain activities and sports, fortunately contact lenses won’t hold you back. Contact lenses will give you the correct forward and peripheral vision you need to succeed in your activity or sport.


You may find that glasses restrict your face, and without them you feel more confident, by using contacts you will be able show your beautiful eyes and face naturally. Cosmetic contacts are also a fun way to experience having a different colour of iris, or a different type of eye (e.g. cat eye).