Vision plays a key role in our lives, and as much as you love being able to see, glasses can be a hassle. The need for corrective eyewear is extremely common, but you don’t need to let it prevent you from feeling positive about your appearance or engaging in some activities like contact sports. If you’re no longer happy with wearing glasses, perhaps it’s time to look into contact lenses.

Below are some of the many reasons why you should consider changing from glasses to contact lenses. If one or more of these reasons suit you, contact your optometrist for more information.


Depending on your vision and health, contact lenses may or may not be right for you. Certain eye health issues can prevent you from wearing contacts. However, contacts can also provide a solution that works better for some individuals than glasses.  For example, many contact lenses today will be designed to correct refractive errors and astigmatisms.


Contact lenses are small, and carrying them around in their case is easier than having to bring your glasses, glass cleaner and cloth. Not only are contacts easy to carry around, but they’re also easy to care for. Depending on the type of contacts you use, you may only have to clean them once or twice a day and/or if something gets in your eyes. Weather elements such as rain, snow, and extremely cold temperatures will no longer cause an issue as your eyelids act as a barrier, protecting the contact lenses.

No Glare

There may have been times during sunny days when you have been blinded by the sun reflecting off your glasses. With contact lenses, you will not have to face this issue. This is because they are placed on your eye and not in front of it. 

Easy to Wear 

Even though glasses are easy to wear, they may be heavy or uncomfortable, especially when worn on the bridge of the nose. By comparison, another benefit of contact lenses is that they are easy to use. To install contacts, place them on your fingertip and gently affix them to your eyes, being careful to keep your eyelids open as wide as possible. and place them into the eyes. It takes only a few seconds to complete this process, though it definitely takes some getting used to. 

Wearer Freedom

Wearing contact lenses can give you some freedom from traditional glasses. You’ll be able to watch 3D movies without having to wear theatre glasses over your prescription lenses. In addition, you can select your favourite pair of sunglasses without having to change the lenses, ultimately saving you money. Lastly, if you are an individual who enjoys trying out a variety of cosmetics, contact lenses are invisible and won’t interfere with the look you’re going for. 

Suitability for Certain Sports

Wearing glasses can prevent you from taking part in certain activities and sports. If a ball hits your glasses or if you fall over, the lenses or frames may become damaged. You may also get injured by your own glasses if this happens. Fortunately, contact lenses won’t hold you back. You can do yoga or play football without having to worry about any interference or injury risk. 

Wider Field of View 

Glasses can help you see clearly, but only for your frontal view. Your peripheral vision may be blocked by the frames. Contact lenses will provide an unobstructed field of vision. This can be handy when driving or playing sports, where you must be able to see the elements around you without having your vision blocked.   

Also, contact lenses will not distort your vision the way some prescription glasses can. Individuals whose vision has refractive errors may need high-index lenses, which can result in distortion. However, contact lenses will allow your vision to remain as natural and clear as possible.


Modern technology has made it possible for contact lenses to be designed in different materials to help maintain safety and comfort for your eyes. For example, hybrid contact lenses are durable and offer soft corners that help to ease discomfort. 


You may find that glasses restrict or negatively affect your appearance and, without them, you feel more confident. With contacts, you will be able to show off your beautiful eyes and face naturally. Also, cosmetic contacts are also a fun way to experience having a different colour of the iris or something completely unique such as “cat eyes.”

Tired of wearing prescription lenses or keen on avoiding them altogether? Consider switching over to contact lenses. Contact our specialists at Laurier Optical to learn more.