Glasses are a vital everyday item for many. They allow for clear vision when doing important tasks such as driving, or to help enjoy hobbies like reading. Unfortunately, due to the delicate materials used to make them, it is possible that they can get scratched. Setting them down with too much force, and especially dropping them, can result in gashes that make them difficult to see out of.

If this issue frequently happens to you, you may be wondering how to prevent scratches on your glasses. Below are our top tips.

Use a Case

A glasses case is the best line of defence to protect your lenses. The design completely encompasses them, protecting them from sharp edges or surprise drops. It can also help you remember where you put them, as sometimes losing your glasses can be the culprit of damage. Ideally, you should keep the case in a place that is easy to find so you will always know where they are when they are not on your face.

Keep Your Glasses On

Try to not remove your glasses whenever it’s feasible. The chances of them being scratched while you are wearing them are much less than if they are taken off and set down. Certainly, you may need to take them off depending on the task you are doing, so consider investing in a neck strap that attaches to the ends of the arms. This ensures that when you do have to take them off, they are not set down incorrectly.

Use Caution When Removing Them

When it’s time for you to take off your glasses, do so with care. Put your hands near your temples and pull on the arms gently. When you set them down, ensure the arms are folded inward, and that they are sitting lenses-up on the surface you put them on. 

Clean Your Glasses Often

When possible, remember to clean your glasses twice daily. Fingerprints, grime, and dirt can build up quickly, not only making it difficult to see but also more likely for them to be scratched. Use a microfiber cloth and a lens-safe cleaner (avoid using Windex) and go along the front, back, and all the edges. Try air drying to avoid unnecessary wiping.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes glasses get scratched. The next time you visit the optometrist, you may want to consider scratch-resistant lenses. At Laurier Optical, we make recommendations for our customers so that they can see their best. To learn more about our lens options, contact us.

Article has been reviewed by an Optometrist.