The truth of the matter is, sunglasses have the power to make or break your outfit. If you’ve found an ideal pair that has a distinct style but still matches with everything, it can definitely elevate your look.

Read below and we’ll break down the most prominent trends in eyewear this fall season. Even if sunglasses aren’t something you put much thought into, simply updating your go-to pair to a fresher style can go a long way. Ranging from classic aviators to oversized granny glasses, we’ll give a thorough breakdown of each of the coolest shades on the market.

Classic Aviators

This year will mark the glorious return of aviator shades. Aviators were prominently featured in the spring runways, most notably at Celine and Michael Kors, where they looked very current. If you stuck with these and still have a pair in the rotation, consider yourself lucky. But, if you decided to cast them aside until their current revival, visit us and browse our wide selection of timeless aviators, including the famous Ray-Ban classic model.

Granny Glasses

While microscopic glasses were once trendy, the trend is passing on to the oversize shapes. Details to look for in this style include warm tones, tortoiseshell, and retro square shapes, but ultimately, any pair that feels like something your grandma might have worn is a winner.

Protective Shields

Shield sunglasses continue on an upward trend in popularity, with many more examples with the oversized, crossover lens design. This is one of the latest fall trends that lean a little on the sportier side, but they match well with almost any outfit.

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are appealing in their own unique way: they’re flattering with a tasteful amount of retro style. They work well for slimming the face, and they can certainly add a touch of glamour to your outfit. This style is prevalent in celebrity streetwear fashion and has a distinctly feminine feel. This classic design was an easy addition to the collection of fall eyewear trends.

Extra-slim Sunglasses

Extra-slim sunglasses have been consistently popular in the last few seasons, but their inimitable style has really caught on this year and they’ve become an eyewear trend. This style of sunglasses became an established eyewear option in the early 2000s and many 90s kids will undoubtedly agree. Back in the day, these sunglasses were hugely popular in the entertainment industry, particularly in pop culture.

If you are looking for a pair of stylish glasses to add to your collection, visit us at Laurier Optical and we’d be happy to show you our selection and help you find the perfect pair for your tastes.