The warmer seasons are finally here, which means it’s time to put those old winter items away and hit the refresh button on your spring and summer wardrobe. And that includes your glasses since they’re an integral part of any fashionista’s outfit. From retro-inspired and micro cat eyes to bold, funky futuristic shapes – we’ve tallied up all of the hottest eyewear fashion trends for spring and summer 2019. Here are the trendsetting highlights fresh off the catwalk this year.

Micro Cat Eyes

We knew that once the cat eye trend re-emerged from its vintage 50s roots, it was here to stay. But today, it’s all about the 90s-inspired micros that have branched from this popular look. Embrace your sassy side with this booming trend of sleek, chic and angular frames that are gearing up as a dominant style this season!

Bold Candy Coloured Frames

Versace and Kate Spade are just two of the big names that are donning this matching frame and lens style with eye-popping colours. Expect to see more of these candy-coloured designs with vibrant blues, reds and pinks that are just in time for the luminous spring and summer months.

Thick Frames

Inspired by the retro styles that dominated runways during our grandparent’s trendsetting times, thick frames are all the rage once again. These 70s style bifocals are perfectly chic, thick and boho, making them the go-to choice for those summer days at the beach or just lounging in the sun.

Bold Visor Style

We can’t seem to get enough of all things 80s – and that includes fashionable frames. The visor style glasses are big and fabulous, which makes them ideal for amping up your cool factor while keeping your eyes nice and shielded from the sun.  They’re practical, on trend, and lend some Terminator-style attitude to any outfit.

Red Coloured Lenses

Taking note from Sir Elton John’s fashion book, red tinted glasses were one of the most popular styles seen throughout the 2019 spring and summer Fashion Week. These striking, vibrant glasses make the perfect statement piece with a little ode to the fearless retro style of Elton John.

Find all of the latest and hottest eyewear fashion trends for the spring/summer 2019 at Laurier Optical. Pop into any of our stores across Canada to amp up your accessories just in time for those glorious sunny days that are just ahead.