No brand has control over the eyewear industry like Ray-Ban does. Since their emergence back in the 50s, their stylish glasses have been donning faces all over the world with newer, modern versions catching our attention in recent years. With a notable talent for style, it can be hard to choose between the original Wayfarers and the New Wayfarers. Although similar, both have some unique design features which are worth considering before making your decision. So which are for you?


Classic Wayfarers – Since the original frames stick to their 1950s roots, they have a larger lens. These are also narrower and have a slightly larger frame height.

New Wayfarers – These stylish glasses are slightly smaller in height and have wider frames, giving them a more full, modern look.


Classic Wayfarers – The style and shape of these frames are probably the most notable differences between the two models. The originals have a more angular top corner of the frame, which carries that vintage retro appearance that so many of us love. These also have more of a vertical tilt to the overall framework which makes them hug the head closer to brow line.

New Wayfarers – The more modern design is less angular and more flush by the brow line. The frames as a whole have a more streamlined design, which makes them less bulky when wearing them.

Which is Right for You?

When deciding the best style for you, it’s always wise to try them on first. When you do, focus on how they feel and look.

If you enjoy a larger frame and retro style, then your best choice is the classic frames. However, if you have higher cheekbones or even long lashes, the traditional style may feel a little more uncomfortable for you since the structure is held in closer to the face than the newer ones.

When you’re feeling indecisive, come by Laurier Optical to try both styles on for yourself! There’s no better way to figure out which is right for you than checking out how they look and feel when you wear them. We offer a large variety of both classic and modern style frames for you to choose from.