Do you usually just use your shirt to clean your glasses? If you’re one of those people who do, you’re likely to spend more on eyeglasses than those who take the proper steps to clean them the right way.  To help you get the most out of your eyewear, here are some tips to clean your glasses thoroughly every time and keep them looking crystal clear.

Wash With Mild Soap

What you use to rinse your glasses matters – you should only use a mild soap solution along with warm water. This will remove any dirt, dust, and grime that can limit your vision and cause scratches.  Also, make sure that your soap does not have a moisturizer in the ingredients, as it will create a greasy film that will be difficult to get off your lenses.

Spray With Alcohol-Free Cleaner

It’s also recommended to use an alcohol-free cleaner to clean your glasses. However, you should only use one that is specially designed for eyewear and not for other materials such as your laptop or mobile phone screen. And when purchasing a cleaner, always choose a mild formula that is free of harmful chemicals like ammonia.

Use a Lens Cloth

When you buy your glasses, they will come with a case and a lens cloth. That lens cloth can be used to gently wipe away any film on your glasses and dry them after you’ve washed them in the mild soap solution. For optimal results, gently massage the glasses in a circular motion with the lens cloth to remove any liquid and smudges.

Pack Moist Cleaning Cloths

It’s unlikely that you’re going to carry around a bottle of alcohol spray cleaner with you when you’re not at home. Instead, pack some moist cleaning clothes that are made for eyewear. These are an excellent way to give your glasses a quick clean when you’re on the go.

Avoid Using Paper Products

Did you know that fibres can damage and break down anti-reflective lenses and the smudge-proof coating? That’s why you should never wipe your glasses with paper towel or napkins.

Don’t Wipe With Your Shirt

Let’s face it, we all give our glasses a quick wipe with our shirt from time to time. But this will only wear down the protective coatings and leave marks on your lenses. Instead, keep your case and lens cloth handy, even when you’re away from home.

Perform Regular Maintenance

If you want your glasses to look pristine for as long as possible, you need to clean them regularly. So make sure you give them a thorough wipe using the proper items as mentioned above.

To keep your glasses clean and fresh, remember to use these tips to clean your glasses thoroughly every time. And when you need new frames, recommendations or help with your eyewear, visit us at Laurier Optical.