It’s always helpful to know what hot styles for the spring are emerging so you can be in the know when shopping for your next pair. To help keep you up-to-date, check out the line up of trendy eyewear for spring 2018.

Cat-Eye Frames

Of course, cat-eyes are one of the hottest growing trends, lending inspiration from the hopping 1950s and 1960s when they were a defining fashion accessory. Today, it’s all about the oversized frames, mixed with noticeable trends like thick upper portions with a thin metal frame on the bottom. If oversized isn’t your thing, check out other noticeable cat-eye styles like the Mulberry Black Cat Frames that are slender, sexy, and sassy.

Tortoise Shell

This year, expect to see some dramatic twists on this eternally classic style frame. Painted marbled effects and natural earthy tones like warm, rich green, blue and brown colours are making this style even more dramatic and bold than previous years. With the warm palette and classic design, it’s one of the best frames to sport for welcoming the spring.

Clear Frames

Clear, elegant and stylish – this contemporary unisex frame is perfect for getting down to business. This frame has been coming off of the runways since last year and is only expected to grow. The simplistic design is the perfect style to go with any outfit and any event.

Charleston Gold Wireframe

Fashion always goes in cycles, and with the Charleston Gold Wireframes, we’re dipping back into a style that has some deep roots from the 1920s. These were a major part of the speakeasies and fancy two-step footwork of Harlem. You can shake up your style and sport one of the truly classic looks with these delicate, dapper frames.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are gradually entering the eyewear scene and expected to really take off this season. And what better way to welcome back the springtime than with a pair of frames showcasing a natural wooden finish? This style is sharp, classy, trendy and guaranteed to get noticed at your next work event.

This year, hot styles for the spring are digging into some seriously iconic retro roots that we can’t get enough of. No matter your style or shape, you’re guaranteed to find a variety of notable designs that will suit the style you’re aiming for. So before you head out to pick up your new pair for the spring, now you’ll know about some of the hottest trends to look out for.