If you wear glasses and aren’t sure how to tell when it’s time for new glasses, you’re not alone. Many patients visit their optometrist asking the question, “Do I need new glasses?” without understanding how to recognize the signs that help determine this. You may recognize a change in your vision over the years, but can still feel unsure about knowing how much change in your vision and prescription will determine when it’s time for a new pair. Read on to learn when and why new glasses are necessary.

Gain Clearer Vision

Even with glasses, your vision can gradually deteriorate over the years. With that gradual, slow change, it can be easy to ignore, until of course, you put on a new pair of glasses and realize how much clearer you can see. This is also why regular eye examinations performed by your optometrist or ophthalmologist are important. They can help you determine when it’s time to enhance and change your current glasses to improve the clarity of your vision.

New Glasses are Prescribed to Help Solve Existing Problems

Sometimes, when you continue to wear the same pair of glasses for a very extended period of time – especially without having regular eye examinations – they can be he cause of eye strain and other underlying problems. When new glasses are prescribed, the intent is to help solve or prevent symptoms and problems from developing or worsening.

Improve Comfort

Wear and tear of old, worn glasses can get bent out of shape, scratched, and can end up becoming uncomfortable to wear. New glasses are necessary when your current ones are simply too worn to fit you properly.

Having More Than One Pair is Convenient

The reality is that for many people who need to wear glasses, having one pair simply isn’t enough. When you’re travelling to and from the office, or running around with the kids, it’s easy to misplace or forget them. Having an extra pair or two on hand means you can stash them in different places so you’re never without that clear vision.

It’s important to have eye examinations performed on a regular basis so your eye doctor can monitor your vision and also inform you when it may be time to get a new pair Often, you may not even realize that it’s long overdue for a new glasses until your eye doctor actually tells you. So always place your vision as a priority by consulting with your eye doctor and getting new glasses when they recommend and prescribe it.