Spring is in the air, and that means warmer weather, and of course, blossoming trees and flowers. Unfortunately, for allergy sufferers, it’s also a time that can summon those itchy, watery, and irritating allergies symptoms. Suffering from eye allergies is such a nuisance! And with our warming climate, allergies seem to be more common than ever.

If seasonal eye allergies have you dreading the springtime each year, there are some things that you can do in order to get some relief. Read on to learn more.

Get a Jump Start on Relief

Don’t wait until your allergy symptoms have kicked in full gear and have you rubbing away at your eyes. Get a jump-start on the season by visiting your eye doctor before the season (and the symptoms) have you dreading the outdoors. Your eye doctor can help you determine ways to help alleviate your sensitivities.

Learn What You Are Allergic To

When the spring arrives, there are a variety of factors that can trigger your allergic sensitivities, such as pet dander, pollen from a range of plants and trees, dust, and so much more. But knowing what specifically sets off your symptoms is important so that you can learn to reduce your exposure to it, and avoid it, if possible. Talk to your doctor about having an allergy test performed to help you determined what exactly is your allergic nemesis.

Avoid Rubbing

When allergies do kick in the first common reaction to those irritating eyes is to start rubbing to try and get some relief. But rarely does that help to alleviate the symptoms. Instead, it actually exacerbates them by releasing histamine. So resist the urge to rub.

Reduce Contact Lens Use

During your allergy season, try to minimize your use of contact lenses. They can also exacerbate the issues by trapping in dust or other build up, while provoking more irritation. Stick to glasses or disposable contacts that you can change every day during your allergy season.

Use Artificial Tears Often

It’s wise to keep artificial tears on hand with you. You can talk to your eye doctor about which is the best type for your needs. Use these often throughout the day to give your eyes a little flushing to keep out those allergens.

When allergies flare up, nothing matters more than being able to get some relief from those constant irritations. So try to get a head start on your symptoms by using these tips to help keep your eyes happy and as symptom-free as possible.