For many of us, it can be easy enough to forget about those sunny days that occur throughout the wintertime – even if they happen to be infrequent. And when you combine sun with snow, it can create one massive reflective glare that your eyes just can’t escape from. It’s double the exposure! And that’s why wearing sunglasses throughout the winter is important. Just because the summer’s gone doesn’t mean you should forget about protecting your eyes.

If you’ve packed away your sunglasses along with your summer gear, it’s time to get them out, for the sake of your sight.

Reduce Glare and Eyestrain

When you walk out into a bright, sunny day during the winter when a fresh layer of snow has fallen, it can feel like you haven’t seen the sunshine in years. The sheer glare can be downright painful as your eyes squint in automatic reflex trying to cope with all of that light. Before you force your eyes to endure that strain, throw on a pair of sunglasses to minimize the effect of the glare.

Harmful UV Rays

Just because the temperature has dropped, doesn’t mean that the UV rays are not a factor of risk. Those UV rays are still strong and can damage your eyes just as they can during the summertime. So when you select your sunglasses, make sure they are designed to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Reduce Headaches

Headaches can be a common correlation when there’s too much reflective stimuli. The double exposure and mirror-like effect that the snow and sun create, can place your eyes under a lot of stress. And as a result, headaches can often occur. If you’ve been experiencing an increase in headaches during the wintertime, consider that it could in fact be caused by not wearing sunglasses when you go out in the sun.

Shield from Dust and Debris

Aside from the problems of not being able to properly see as your eyes attempt to adjust to all of that reflection, winter can whip up high winds and snowy blizzards in an instant. Sunglasses can shield your eyes and keep debris from entering your eye, while also allowing you to actually see where you are going.

Don’t make your eyes suffer during the winter. Just as you bundle up and protect your body when heading out the door, it’s important to include your eyes in that process as well. Before you go out in that sunny, winter day, throw on some sunglasses to give them they protection they need!

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