Choosing an eye doctor is just like choosing any regular doctor or dentist. There has to be a variety of factors that make it convenient and practical for you to visit. Often, even the smallest complications with location or timing can cause enough excuse and delays to ignore and downright dread those appointments. So before you call up the first optician you see, consider these factors first before selecting the right one for you.

Ask for a referral from your MD

When you visit your family doctor next, ask them to recommend or refer you to an ophthalmologist. They should have a few names on hand, and chances are there might be one located close to your family doctor or at least in the vicinity.

Convenience of Location

If you can’t find an eye doctor, or the referral that your family doctor has recommended is located far from where you live, your best option is to ask around your family, friends, and co-workers for some other options.

If you have to fight through traffic and deal with an ophthalmologist on the other side of the city, that just makes life more difficult for you.


When you do find an eye doctor in your area, make an initial appointment and use it as a test. Take the time to ask the doctor questions and really get a feel for their temperament, personality and above all – expertise. When dealing with your sight, you always want to ensure that your doctor knows what they are doing.


While you are there, ask the secretary what the availability of the optometrist is usually like. Do you have to generally book a month or two in advance? If you or your child has an urgent matter, will there be availability for appointments at the last minute? Do they offer evening or weekend bookings to better suit your busy schedule? Whether the doctor takes a few months off for vacation every year, or teaches at a college part-time – make sure their availability suits you.


Not all eye doctors are created equally. Some are specialized in various fields, such as cataracts, or vision loss. If you or your child has a particular ailment that needs attention, look for the right doctor that is specialized in that field.

Your eyes and vision are priceless, and that’s why when it comes to choosing an eye doctor, you must be diligent and selective. Always take each of these factors into consideration before selecting which one is right for you and your family.

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