For those who rely on glasses, we know just how important they are to get through your everyday endeavours. And on top of that – they aren’t cheap. So when you do select a new favourite pair to purchase, it can feel like you’re walking on delicate eggshells when it comes to caring for your new glasses for the first initial weeks.

If you’ve just spent your last paycheque on new eyewear and are paranoid about scratching them or hearing that dreaded crunch, use these tips to help ensure they’re out of harm’s reach and well taken care of.

Always Store Your Glasses in a Case

We know how easy it can be to forget to put your glasses back into their case each time you’re done using them. But creating a habit of placing them back each time is one of the best ways to ensure they don’t end up on the floor, or worse – under your foot.  Sometimes, having multiple cases placed in different locations can be helpful so that you’re never without one.

Be Gentle When Cleaning Them

When cleaning your glasses, it’s important to be gentle. Always use a specialized spray cleaner and microfibre cloth instead of just your shirt. Any abrasive materials, such as paper towels, can easily cause scratches. Also, cleaning your glasses on a regular basis can reduce the likelihood of developing any scratches on the surface. So keep a micro-fibre cloth on hand to keep them clean throughout the day.

Have Them Readjusted

Over time, those perfectly fitted glasses that hug your face in all the right ways can wear away over time. This is no surprise since they get tossed around and used multiple times each day. But just because the fitting becomes altered or loosened, doesn’t mean you need to go out and purchase new ones. You can simply visit your local optician and have them readjust them back so they are snug and comfortable once again.

Have Certain Areas to Store Them

Those initial daily routines of being diligent with storing your glasses in their proper places and cases can become a task that dwindles over time. As we forget to place them in the right spots, it’s a lot more likely for them to become misplaced, scratched, or broken.

So form a habit of choosing a certain pocket or area of your home, desk, car – wherever it may be – to store your glasses once they’re off of your face. This will drastically help to increase the longevity of them.

When it comes to new glasses, we know they’re an important investment, and one that you rely on to get you through the day. So begin forming good habits right from the get-go to get you in the routine of providing them with proper care so that you can get the most out your prescription glasses.