When it comes to learning, proper vision is the essential ingredient. For many of us, especially children as they grow and learn, visual stimulation is the crucial method for comprehending new information and retaining that information. Whether it’s reading the blackboard at back of the classroom, or trying to focus and figure out which shape that is in their algebra homework – if your child is suffering from poor vision or vision loss it can impact their self-esteem and ultimately their success at school. Thankfully, glasses can help. Here’s how:

Signs of Learning-Related Vision Problems

Initially, it can be tricky to spot the signs of vision problems as they begin to impact your child’s learning development. Avoidance with homework, or avoiding to participate in class are common characteristics that can be associated with vision impairment that can make it seem like your child is simply uninterested in learning. But it’s always important to analyze the situation, especially if this is something that seems to be out of character for your child.

If you begin to notice your child struggling at school, keep an eye out for these common signs that could tell you they may simply need glasses:

  • Headaches
  • Avoidance of reading allowed
  • Slow reading or a struggle to comprehend the material visually
  • Placing their head very close to the reading material
  • Using a finger as a guide
  • Poor comprehension

These are just a few of the many common signs of vision trouble. If you notice your child struggling with any of these symptoms, talk to them about their vision and bring them to your local ophthalmologist for a checkup.


If your child is experiencing poor vision, thankfully there are some simple ways that offer treatment. One of the most basic is wearing glasses. Specialized eyeglasses that have been developed particularly for more significant vision loss problems can offer your child the joys of seeing clearly once again. Your ophthalmologist can also place your child in a vision treatment therapy program to work on strengthening and repairing the damage to their eyesight.

But ultimately, giving your child specialized eyeglasses can work wonders for giving them back that confidence they need to succeed in school. Vision loss is a serious matter that needs to be addressed as soon as it’s noticed. Without the ability to properly see and learn, emotional anxiety and depression can easily develop as a result. If you notice any of these symptoms, talk to an ophthalmologist about the best options for your child.