As parents across the world would agree, we want what is best for our kids. Sometimes, what kids need to be healthy can be scary at first. A good example is going to an optometrist. An eye doctor can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if it is your child’s first time. For the majority of kids, such visits will only be necessary if there are changes to their eyesight that require glasses. Before your kids goes in however, they will need to be prepared. With that in mind we have included several different ways you can prepare your child for an eye exam.

Let Your Child Know What is Happening

What scares many kids is uncertainty. Before going in for the visit, call the eye exam place and request information on what the visit with the child will be like. Begin talking to your child about the exam weeks ahead of time. Talk about what is going to happen and in what order. In addition, discuss any fears they may have and help them see it for the good involved. Don’t be dismissive of their fears, as this can make it worse. If you want to show your child what it is like ahead of time, then consider going to the website. There they can probably see a picture of the person who will be seeing them, as well as shots of the interior of the clinic. All of this will help to de-mystify the experience and make it easier to engage in. Perhaps stop in for a short visit a few days before the appointment so the atmosphere is not completely foreign.

Get Your Child Involved and Make it a Fun Experience

An eye exam is something that happens to all of us. However, the way we think about going in for an eye exam can dramatically change how we feel about it. If we go into the experience seeing ourselves as victims to fate, then we will be less likely to enjoy the experience then if we went in excited to learn more about how our eyes work. Pitch the exam as an interesting way to learn more about eyes. Make them a part of the experience by also picking out glasses with them and letting them make some decisions.

Discuss Fears with Optometrist Directly

Optometrists are accustomed to working with children. If you inform them ahead of time that your child has concerns, then the optometrist can work to address those concerns directly when they talk with your child. By addressing the fears straight on, your child can move beyond them and instead find meaning in the experience.

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