The odds are pretty good that it’s been quite a while since you’ve visited the eye doctor. Even though our eyes are so critical to leading a happy, healthy, and “normal” life these days most of us take our eyesight for granted – even if it no longer is quite as sharp or as crystal-clear as it used to be in the past.

There are a bunch of different reasons behind why you want to visit your eye doctor ASAP, even if you have a picture perfect 20/20 vision or feel like you’d be able to spot a dime all the way across a football field. You want to be sure that you get out in front of any potential risks as quickly as humanly possible, and that’s only going to happen if you schedule regular appointments with an eye doctor.

Let’s break down five of the most important reasons to visit your eye doctor right now!

If your eye vessels are wider than usual you may be dealing with brain or cognitive issues

The microscopic vessels in your eyes are closely related to the microscopic vessels in your brain, which makes them the perfect “canary” to tell medical professionals that there may be something wrong with your brain if the eye vessels aren’t appearing the way they should be.

If your eyes have begun to “yellow” you may be dealing with a serious liver disease

A yellowing in your eyes can be a sign of hepatitis or psoriasis, and it’s all because of your livers inability to properly filter out the dangerous toxins in your blood that eventually gets shuttled to your eyes to begin with.

If your eyes and your pupils are different sizes it’s possible you have a brain tumor or have suffered a stroke

Brain tumors and strokes inhibit the flow of oxygen and blood to one of your pupils, causing it to look different in size when compared to the other. Your eye doctor is going to be able to spot this discrepancy immediately and help you get the medical assistance you need to avoid catastrophe.

Micro lesions in your eye vessels could be an impending sign of significant heart issues down the line

The smallest micro lesions in your eye vessels can be a sign of significant problems in your circulatory system, and your eye doctor can spot this and let you know that you need professional medical assistance ASAP.

Macular degeneration can be slowed and even reversed if it’s caught in time

The leading cause of blindness in adults over the age of 55, macular degeneration will happen to many of us – but it doesn’t have to if you get out front of it in time. Visit your eye doctor and have them prescribe a solution to prevent macular degeneration before it negatively impacts your life permanently.

Don’t leave your eye health to chance. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for all your preventative care needs.