Our eyes are among the most delicate parts of our bodies. Protected by nothing more than a thin layer of blinking skin, there are thousands of different problems and conditions that threaten our eyes on a daily basis. One of the most common perils are fungal infections. Fungal infections of the eye come in wide variety, but often present with the same symptoms. Redness, blurring of vision, sensitivity to light, and unreasonably excessive production of tears are some of the warning signs of fungal eye infections. It is important to visit an eye doctor as soon as you get the first warning signs of eye infection to keep the condition from getting worse, as allowing something like this could lead to complete loss of vision in the future.

But as they say, prevention is better than a cure. If you want to prevent the chances of getting an eye infection, put these simple tactics into action.

Wear Protective Eye Gear

Protective eye wear can prevent fungus that is present in the environment from entering your eyes. This is particularly important if you’re working in the garden, in your garage, or if you’re clearing out any clutter and old boxes.

Maintain a Sanitary Contact Lens Regimen

See to it that your lenses are always kept in a sanitary container with the appropriate solution to ensure cleanliness. Before you handle your contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the chances of transferring contaminants from your hands to your eyes.

Prevent Fungus From Thriving in Your Home

Fungus grows in damp, dark places; check your house for any spots that could become a breeding ground for fungus and resolve the problem accordingly. Don’t just dry out the problem spot – find the cause of the issue and repair any dripping pipes or leaks.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Oftentimes, a fungal eye infection would have to advance significantly before any symptoms start to show. Don’t take the risk of waiting for an infection to get worse before you see your eye doctor. Schedule regular check-ups to get an eye exam and to find out whether or not your eyes need medical attention.

Clean Your Hands

We often make the mistake of scratching or rubbing our eyes with dirty hands, and this could cause contaminants that we’ve touched to threaten our eye health. Make sure you keep your hands clean at all times and pack hand sanitizer with you wherever you go.

Regular visits to your eye doctor play an important role in keeping your eyes healthy. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.