According to recent studies, 6 in 10 people wear glasses, contact lenses, or need some form of vision correction. The need for prescription eye wear can stem from a multitude of different causes. It’s imperative that those who experience the symptoms of poor eyesight seek the assistance and expertise of an optometrist in Ottawa as soon as possible.

If an eye expert is able to identify the need for prescription eye glasses, you might find yourself having to walk into an eye clinic like Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic to get a pair. There are a lot of things to consider when getting eyeglasses and it’s ideal to keep yourself aware of all the important factors before you make a purchase.

Different Frames and Different Face Shapes

One of the reasons why people quit using their eyeglasses is because they aren’t happy with the way the frames look on their faces. While many people think that glasses come in one shape and size, there’s actually a huge selection of different frames that you can find at eye clinics. Some store attendants might even have charts, guides, or knowledge on how to pick the right frame for your face shape. Make sure you ask your optometrist or eye clinic before you decide on settling for a pair of lenses so you can get something that looks stylish while performing an important function.

Prescriptions Change

Having your eyes checked isn’t a one-time thing. As time goes on, the prescription of your eyes might change. This means your original glasses might no longer be effective and could be causing more harm than good. To steer clear of this common pitfall, see to it that you schedule regular checkups with your optometrist to find out whether or not you need new glasses. You can also visit your eye expert when you start to feel dizziness, headaches, and other symptoms of eye problems when performing tasks that involve sight.

Beware Shopping Gambles

Glasses are a significant investment, but they are worth every penny. If you buy a pair of glasses from the internet sight unseen or just grab the first pair off the rack at a big box store, the changes of getting the right fit and vision correction are slim to none. Frames that are too small with pinch and hurt, while oversized frames are more likely to fall off. If the lenses are not the correct prescription, you could experience headaches, dizziness, eye strain, or get into an accident due to poor vision. Your vision is too important – get your proper prescription from your optometrist in Ottawa and purchase a pair of eyeglasses from Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic.