If your son or daughter has new glasses, you’ll find that helping him or her to adjust to new eyewear is pretty easy. As a caring and considerate parent, you will want to make the process as easy as possible and we are here to help.

When you follow our tips, you’ll assist your child with enjoying great vision and feeling confident in his or her glasses.

Involve Your Child in the Process

The best strategy is probably preventative. This means giving your child a strong voice in which type of glasses he or she wears. So, be sure to include your child in the selection process. Some kids feel self-conscious in glasses and dread getting them.

Helping your kid to find a fun and fashionable pair of glasses will be the key to building his or her confidence. While some glasses that are classified as fashionable are very expensive, there are also more affordable pairs out there which still have the sort of style that boys and girls want.

Find Style Inspiration

One tip is to look through magazines with your son or daughter. See which styles of eyeglasses appeal to him or her and then look for these types of glasses when you visit an eye clinic. Kids want to be accepted by their peers and finding the right types of glasses will help. You may want to ask your kid that types of glasses the other kids are wearing. If your child chooses a pair of glasses like this, he or she may feel more comfortable at school or when hanging out with friends.

Address Concerns

If your child shows anxiety about wearing glasses, don’t dismiss this anxiety. We live in a shallow world and some kids do get teased when they make changes to their appearances. Try to focus on the positive by explaining the benefits of wearing eyeglasses. For example, explain that your child will do better at video games when vision is corrected and that texting and using a smartphone will be easier. It’ll also be easier to see the blackboard at school and so on.

Give Your Child Time to Adjust

Also, let your child know that it may take a few days to adjust to the glasses. During this time, your child may want to take them off occasionally in order to rest. The weight of glasses disturbs some kids, so let your child adjust at her or his own pace. A good optometrist in Ottawa should be able to recommend lightweight frames and thin lenses that are barely noticeable when worn and make the adjustment process much easier.