It’s so tempting to order almost anything online, including eyeglasses. This is why so many people choose to get these important accessories via the internet. However, it’s vital to understand the potential drawbacks of buying glasses online.


Your vision is very important and, when you purchase eyeglasses online, you may find that the risk of buying glasses online keeps you from accessing the perfect vision that you will need in order to see properly, keep your energy levels high, and generally enjoy life.


Imperfect vision may lead to eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and accidents. With this in mind, we’re here to let you know the risks of buying glasses online…


Things to Think About


There is a part of eyeglasses, on the lenses, which contribute to the best vision. This is the area of the lens that is right in front of the pupils. To enjoy great vision via eyeglasses, you’ll need to know the exact distance between the pupils. This distance number is known as a PD. It’s hard to measure your own PD – it’s kind of like giving yourself a haircut! This is why it’s often better to see an optometrist in your own community, rather than guessing at PD when you buy eyeglasses via the web.


While those who sell eyeglasses online do help people to determine PD via a host of tips and instructions, you should be aware that even skilled and experienced opticians sometimes find this task tricky.


As well, it’s difficult to determine the comfort of eyeglasses when you’re ordering them online. Everyone’s face is different and what feels good on one person’s face may not be comfortable on another’s. This is why trying on eyeglasses at an Ottawa optometrist clinic or eyeglass store like Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic is preferable to gambling on comfort online.


While the digital world makes it so easy to buy things online, some items, such as eyeglasses, should be dispensed by optometrists or other eyeglass professionals. For this reason, taking an old-fashioned approach to getting glasses may be the best way to avoid vision problems and/or discomfort. While it’s simple to choose eyeglasses online, returning them if they don’t allow for premium vision and/or comfort may be more difficult. So, why not visit an optometrist in Ottawa?


Hopefully, by explaining the pitfalls of ordering eyeglasses online, we’ve empowered you to shop locally and access the standard of care and support that you need. Since eyeglasses are definitely an investment for most people, it’s important to know that they are custom-fitted to your face and that your PD has been determined by a true expert.