If your eyes feel dry, you should know that a range of self-care tips are available and we’re here to share five of the best today. Once you’ve discovered the secrets of how to relieve dry eyes, you’ll be ready to choose the treatment options that are most suitable for your lifestyle and your budget.


Turn Off the A/C


This isn’t a problem in the winter months in Ottawa and Orleans, but in the summer it can be a big cause of dry eyes. If you run the air conditioner a lot at home, you may find that it’s one primary reason why you suffer from dry eyes. In addition, if your office is air-conditioned, this may be triggering the problem. The best strategy is to avoid A/C and to run a humidifier instead. A humidifier will add moisture, rather than taking it out of the air.
However, air conditioning systems aren’t the only systems that may cause dry eye health issues. Heating systems, such as furnaces, play the same role, as do stand-alone fans and ceiling fans. So, consider which systems you are running and make changes if you can.


Clean the Eye Area Properly


If you’re used to washing your face with cleansers that may be a bit harsh and chemical, changing your cleanser may help you to avoid dry eyes. Sometimes, cleansers do get into eyes and the chemicals and other ingredients in these face-cleansing formulates may promote eye dryness.


One option is to utilize baby shampoos near the eye area. Baby shampoo is actually beneficial for those with dry eye problems, as it helps to provide a denser, more dependable lipid layer.


Buy Some Artificial Tears


Artificial tears are available at most drugstores, grocery stores, and department stores and they are typically quite affordable and convenient to use. They are eye drops and adding them to your eyes will be the key to moisturizing your eyes daily. Always follow instructions on the package and don’t overuse these formulas – a little will go a long way! Take with your optometrist for any recommendations.


Minimize Contact Lens Usage


If you wear contact lenses a lot and never switch to glasses or give your eyes a chance to rest by going contact-free for set periods every day, you may find that your contact lenses contribute to your dry eye woes. So, make a habit of taking your contacts out sometimes.


Also, be sure that you care for them properly and do consider asking your eye care provider if your style and brand of contact lenses is known to promote eye dryness. There are different contact lenses out there and switching types in order to enjoy moister eyes may be a smart decision.


Try Eye Ointment Formulas


If artificial tears don’t provide enough moisture, there are products that are more heavy-duty in terms of performance. One of them is eye ointment that is specifically formulated in order to soothe the symptoms of dry eyes.


If you are tired of suffering from dry eyes, talk to your optometrist for different strategies to relieve the pain and irritation.