We all know that with aging come some … ahem… “complications.” Among these, vision problems are one of the most common threats. By making a regular yearly visit to your Ottawa optometrist, you can help prevent the development of more serious vision problems down the road. We have included some warning signs for some of the most common age-related vision problems below to help you better assess the symptoms.

Spots and floaters

If you start to notice spots and floaters in your field of vision, be sure to make an appointment with your Ottawa optometrist. These spots are often most noticeable when looking at bright screens, or a bright sky. Spots and floaters can be caused by an age-related condition that occurs when the interior of your eye starts to liquefy and separate from the retina.

Narrow-angle Glaucoma

This is one of the more urgent vision problems that could cause permanent damage to your eyes. If you start to feel sudden pain, pressure, redness, or nausea, you might be experiencing a narrow-angle glaucoma attack. Narrow angle glaucoma is caused by your iris (the coloured part of your eye) being pushed or pulled forward.  In this type of situation, if your Ottawa optometrist is unavailable, visit a hospital emergency room for immediate care.


Though cataracts are not a medical emergency that you should rush to an emergency room for, it is best to treat them before they are incorrigible. Some of the main warning signs of cataracts are: increased blurry vision, difficulty seeing clearly (especially at night time), fading of colours, and sensitivity to light. If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, visit your Ottawa optometrist for an examination.

Diabetic Retinopathy

If you have diabetes, it is important to monitor the condition of your retina to look out for diabetic retinopathy. Warning signs include blind spots, floaters, and increasingly blurry vision. By visiting your Ottawa optometrist regularly, you can help control the severity of your diabetes.


Dry Eye Syndrome

Scratchy, dry eyes can be extremely uncomfortable. With age, your body produces fewer tears causing irritation, pain, and tearing.  This condition is not necessarily a threat to your eye sight, but it is important to keep your eyes hydrated. Your Ottawa optometrist may suggest over the counter eye drops to help you minimize the discomfort.


Remember that you can reduce your chances of experiencing serious vision problems by making sure that you regularly visit your Ottawa optometrist. Lifestyle changes can also help reduce the risks of vision-related problems. For example, eye vitamins and an overall good nutrition can help you ensure that your vision remains crystal clear!