When it comes to buying sunglasses there are many factors: color, price, UV protection and style. Style is one of the biggest factors and you should feel free to wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks. Knowing the style that best fits your face will make your shopping experience even better. Lucky for you, opticians at our Orleans optical store can help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape.

Lets start with identifying your face shape. Head to a mirror and take a look to find out your face shape:


Although as children we wished for long hair and perfect teeth, we should have been wishing for the perfect oval face. Oval faces are great when shopping for sunglasses because basically all frames look great. Therefore the biggest question you have to ask yourself is what is your style? Do you want the modern version of a vintage classic? If so try a Cat Eye. Or would you prefer something more quirky and high fashion? If so go for Round. Have fun shopping for sunglasses in Orleans and looking great in every pair you try on.


Look at you being in the lucky few that has a symmetrical face. You have a strong jaw line and therefore need to contrast the shape, try a Round or Pilot frame.


Diamond is one of the rarest face shapes; because of the unique shape it only makes sense that you would want a unique frame. Try a nice Oval or Rimless frame, play around, a unique face shape deserves a unique frame.


Do you feel the love in the air? The love of a great face shape, heart-shaped faces give off a youthful vibe and look great in a Semi-Rimless, Round or Pilot. Enjoy your wonderful youthful look in some fun sunglasses from your local Orleans optical store.


Is one of the most common face shapes, the best part about that is that there is a large selection of sunglasses on the market. Sunglasses are the most flattering when they are opposite your face shape, so stick with a nice Rectangle or Square. These are two of the most common shapes for sunglasses, so you can enjoy the hunt for your perfect pair.

Always remember summer only lasts four months, so have fun and wear the right sunglasses to make those Instagram pictures even better.