Glasses can be lifesavers, but they don’t come without their hiccups. Fortunately, with these easy tips from your Ottawa optician, you’ve got a clear road to clear vision:


Getting Dirty

To keep your glasses clean, you should practice a daily, preventative approach. It is a lot harder to clean a week’s worth of smudges or a month’s worth of oils and grime off a pair of glasses than it is to spend a couple quick minutes cleaning daily. The simplest method is to clean your glasses with soap and warm water, then wipe clean with a dry cloth. You can also use a lens cleaning solution for a safe way to clean your glasses, or bring them into our store for a professional cleaning.



If you live an active lifestyle (or just happen to be clumsy), it can be all too easy to accidentally break or otherwise damage your glasses. These small tips should help reduce the likelihood of your glasses breaking:

  • Look before you sit! Many pairs of broken glasses could have been saved with this one small piece of prevention.
  • Purchase an eyeglass repair kit that includes a small screwdriver. Use this to periodically tighten your glasses, so they are less likely to fall apart.
  • Always remove your glasses with care. Using both hands will reduce the chances of dropping them.
  • Consider wearing a neck cord or investing in a clip for your glasses.
  • Visit your Ottawa optician to make sure your glasses fit properly on your face. They will be less likely to slip off, and thus less likely to break.

Fogging Up

Differences in temperature can cause water molecules to attract to cold and hard surfaces, like the lenses on your glasses. If possible, transition from hot to cold areas slowly, to prevent fogging. Also reposition your clothing to avoid hot air from your mouth and nose from redirecting up toward your glasses on cold days. You can also choose temporary solutions, like a spray-on lens coating or anti-fog paste. These can be applied as needed to keep your glasses free and clear. For a permanent solution, your Ottawa optician can apply an anti-fog coating to your lenses to prevent water molecules from landing on your lenses.

You now know how to avoid some of the more common problems associated with glasses. Visit your Ottawa optician if you would like more recommendations about getting the perfect fit for your glasses.