If you find your eyes are constantly feeling dry and uncomfortable, it is time to schedule a visit to your eye doctor. Dry eyes are not only uncomfortable but can be an indication that something is wrong. An eye test will help determine what is causing your dry eyes and your doctor can then make recommendations to make your eyes more comfortable.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition that stops your eyes from producing enough tears for eye health and comfort. Dry eye can affect anyone but tends to be more common in women. It is often evident following menopause. Dry eyes can also occur for those living in larger cities with more pollution.

Tips for Comfort

If you are living with dry eyes it can be very uncomfortable and make it difficult to complete even the simplest of tasks. These tips can assist in keeping your eyes more comfortable:
• Eye Drops: Eye drops will keep your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day. They can be added whenever your eyes begin to feel dry. Artificial tear products are available at your local drug store. Following an eye test your eye doctor can also recommend a product that will keep your eyes moist.
• Avoid Air Movement: Exposing your eyes to air movement will make your eyes more uncomfortable. This can include fans, wind and even hair dryers. Make sure you wear sunglasses on windy days to help lessen eye dryness.
• Humidifier: A humidifier at home can help keep eyes comfortable in the winter when the heater is on.
• Rest: Give your eyes a break now and then and be certain to blink often to help produce tears.
• Smoking: Smoking is a common culprit in causing dry eyes. Avoid being around smokers and stop smoking if you smoke yourself.
• Eyelid Washing: You can actually wash your eye lids with baby shampoos to encourage the production of natural oils and tears.
• Warm Compresses: Apply a soothing warm compress to your eyes to help keep them comfortable.
• Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 is an excellent dietary supplement with many health benefits, including assisting in the production of tears.

If dry eyes are still a problem speak to your eye doctor at your eye exam about possible prescriptions. There are many options available to assist with extreme cases of dry eyes to keep your eyes comfortable.