When you purchase a new pair of eyeglasses you’re making an investment. Generally a pair of eyeglasses should last approximately two years if well cared for, and if you do not require new lenses. Here are several tips to help make your eyeglasses last a long time:


When you’ve received your new pair of eyeglasses you’ll notice they usually come equipped with a case, cleaning cloth and a bottle of lens cleaner. To avoid breaking or causing damage to your glasses it is highly recommended that you keep them in the case. This will also save them from losing their given shape.

For easy access keep your glasses close to hand at your bedside table, on a shelf, on your desk, in your purse or in the glove compartment of the car.


Nothing is more annoying than dirty or spotty lenses, and it can be tempting to grab the closest thing to clean your glasses but it can certain materials can actually harm the lenses. To avoid this it is imperative that you always use the proper lens cleaners and cloths to keep your glasses clean and safe from damage.
If you do not have a cleaning cloth your affordable eye wear store or clinic has a line of cleaning products you can use. You will be amazed at the results you will see when using the proper lens cleaners. As an added bonus your lenses will be free of scratches that can result from using too abrasive a cloth or cleanser.

Proper Care

Day to day use can put stress on the frames of your glasses. Be careful to use two hands to grasp the frames when taking your glasses off. When you pull your glasses off using one hand you put undue stress on the frames. This can put the arms out of alignment, ultimately this will affect the fit of your glasses and make them uncomfortable to wear.


Affordable eye wear might fit comfortably when you leave the store but will start to feel less comfortable as time goes by. All eye wear is subject to loosening and requires adjustment. When you find your glasses are slipping down your nose more often it is time for an adjustment. Your eye wear store or eye doctor’s office can offer adjustments to keep your fit perfect. A perfect fit is even more important if you wear progressive lenses or bifocals. It is difficult to get the right view when your glasses are not in the right position.

At Laurier Optical Innes Road all adjustments and minor fixes are free to our clients.
Following these easy tips will help your affordable eye wear last longer and keep your vision clearer.