When you are looking for a complete eye exam and for a team of knowledgeable staff to assist you with all of your optical and eye wear needs make Laurier Optical your optometry centre. Patients consider Laurier Optical to be their one stop eye shop for great patient care and outstanding eye wear. Here are just a few reasons you should choose Laurier Optical as your optometry centre.

Expert Eye Care Doctors

When it comes to a complete eye exam you want to be certain your optometrist will check everything to ensure your eyes are healthy. You also want to receive quality care with attention to detail so that your prescriptions are accurate ensuring your vision is perfect. At Laurier Optical they have two friendly, knowledgeable optometrists on site to offer you and your family the complete eye care you need to make sure that not only are eyes healthy, but that you have the correct lens prescription needed for perfect vision.

Ace Administrative Team

Having a wonderful eye doctor is not always enough. When you have to schedule a complete eye exam or check up on your account or health information you want to know there is an administrative team who is organized and careful. You don’t want to be told you do not have an appointment when you arrive or worse discover your personal information is disorganized or incorrect. At Laurier Optical they have a team of friendly and professional staff who keep accurate records, answer your questions happily and correctly and book your appointments without confusion or errors.

Beautiful Eye Wear

For most people who wear glasses their eye wear helps to define their style and personality. That means you don’t want to be restricted in your choices and designs. At Laurier Optical they have a wide variety of frames and eye wear choices along with a team of individuals who can help you select the best glasses for your personal style.

Laurier Optical can help you find designer frames, contact lenses and keep you up to date in the latest lens technology such as transitional and progressive lenses. They are always on the leading edge of both design and technology, providing you with the best possible eye wear to suit your needs, tastes and budget.

As you can see Laurier Optical is your one stop optometry centre.