When it comes to eyeglasses, one size doesn’t always fit all. Different facial features can affect how eyewear feels on your face. Whether you have symmetrical proportions or boast unique angles, some glasses offer better comfort and fit than others. Two main types of eyeglasses that serve these different face shapes are standard and low-bridge fits. Let’s explore the main differences between these two in more detail.

Standard Fit Eyeglasses

Standard fit eyeglasses have a universal fit. They work with most face shapes and sizes. The frame sits comfortably on the nose and ears, and the lenses are positioned at a standard distance from the eyes.

What Do Standard Fit Glasses Look Like?

These spectacles come in a wide range of styles, from classic and simple to trendy and fashionable. The bridge ad arms are usually designed for slight adjustments to achieve optimal comfort for the wearer.

Who Can Wear Standard Fit Glasses?

These are suitable for people of most face shapes, especially those with symmetrical proportions. However, people with higher, lower, narrower nose bridges often find standard fit eyeglasses uncomfortable, as the frames may not fit snugly on their faces.

Low-Bridge Fit Eyeglasses

These glasses are the perfect option for those who struggle with frames sliding down their nose. Low-bridge designs usually fit more securely than standard eyeglasses, preventing pinching and awkward resting.

What Do Low-Bridge Fit Glasses Look Like?

Low-bridge fit eyeglasses typically have a unique design with a shorter bridge and a more curved frame than standard glasses. The bridge sits lower on the nose to provide a better fit for those with flatter or wider noses. They often come with deeper nose pads to prevent movement and long arms to ensure better adjustment behind the ears. 

Generally, low-bridge fit eyeglasses come in various styles and materials, including metal and plastic frames. They can feature different lens shapes, sizes, and coatings, just like any other type of eyewear.

Who Can Wear Low-Bridge Fit Glasses?

Those with lower or wider nose bridges can benefit from these glasses. You may also find low-bridge styles better options if:

  • You experience discomfort or frequent eyeglass sliding with standard fits
  • Your lenses rest on your cheeks and move when you smile
  • Standard fit nose pads sit higher up rather than on the sides of your nose

Need New Glasses?

Whether you need new glasses or notice your current ones don’t feel as comfortable as you’d like, visit us at Laurier Optical! Our experts can evaluate your face shape and help you determine what types of eyeglasses are best for you.