Are you trying to figure out how often you should have your eyes checked? It all comes down to how old you are and the current condition of your vision. Follow the guidelines below to help determine when to visit an optometrist to have your eyes examined. 

Children and Teens 

Comprehensive eye exams ensure that your child’s eyes are developing properly. So when it comes to having your children’s eyes tested, the sooner you visit the optometrist, the better. In fact, parents can take their babies for their first comprehensive eye exam as early as 6 months. If you have school-aged children and teens without vision issues, you should take them to have their eyes examined every two years, and those who wear glasses will likely need to have their vision checked at least once a year.

Adults Who Have Clear Vision

Even if you have 20/20 vision you should be getting your eyes examined every few years. Eye exams can identify any changes to your vision as you age that you may not have noticed yet. They can also spot early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases that could cause serious complications when not addressed. How often should you go? If you are under the age of 40, you should visit an optometrist every 5 years if you are in good health, and every 3 years if you have underlying conditions or a family history of eye disease. Those between the ages of 40 and 55 should start going more frequently – every 2 years if you have any of the above-mentioned risk factors and every 4 years if you don’t. Older adults aged 55 and up should start going more regularly as the eyes start to deteriorate more rapidly as we age. Consult your doctor first, but generally, seniors should visit an optometrist every year or two depending on the developing condition of their eyesight. 

Adults Who Wear Glasses

As a rule of thumb, if you wear glasses you will need to have an eye exam at least once a year. This is because your vision can change and impact your current prescription. Wearing glasses with the wrong prescription can cause more damage to your eyes. That’s why it’s imperative to visit an optometrist every year so they can increase or decrease your prescription if necessary for maintaining good eye health. 

When You Shouldn’t Wait

Anytime you experience a change in your vision or problematic symptoms, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. You should never wait to see an optometrist when you’re experiencing vision issues. The sooner you get an exam, the better.

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