Even with Ray-Bans still reigning as queen of the eyewear brands, there are plenty of other stunning luxury names out there to try on and discover. From popular mainstays to lesser-known ones, here are our favourite designer eyewear brands this year!

Roberi & Fraud

The ultra tiny frames are quickly taking the eyewear world by storm, and the Roberi & Fraud name is one of the brands leading the way. These ultra 90s-inspired designs can be found in a variety of different tinted colours for both the frame and lens, making them the perfect fun accessory to spice up any outfit.

Bonnie Clyde

The Bonnie Clyde name offers cool, eclectic styles for everyone. With their extensive and unique assortment of frames, you can find a blend of classic, modern, and funky unisex designs rolled into their collection.  


This New Orleans-based brand is known for their handmade luxury frames that are top notch when it comes to quality. With 24K gold detailing and a lifetime guarantee, you can find many celebrities, like Selena Gomez and Blake Lively, sporting the retro style frames.

Quay Australia

Chances are, if you’re on Instagram, you’ve scrolled by this popular designer eyewear brand at least once. Thanks to their influencer collaborations, striking designs, and affordability, Quay is rapidly gaining momentum in the eyewear industry.


With classic Hollywood glam-style incorporated into much of Prada’s designs, this, of course, remains a go-to staple in the industry and one of our favourite designer eyewear brands still today.

Michael Kors

This brand has mastered the art of accessories, so there’s no surprise to see Michael Kors doing just the same with their eyewear. The great feature about this designer is that you can find just about any style – from chic and modern to weird and wild. If you want affordable, fresh, and current fashion, this is one of the best names for delivering just that.


With the classic double G logo and Italian glamour infused into each pair, Alessandro Michele keeps us intrigued with the staple Gucci brand. His timeless designs make this an easy choice for any fashionista.

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