Contact lenses require special instructions on how to use them properly. It is a good idea to work with an optometrist to make sure you are selecting the contact lenses ideal for your vision issues as well as those best suited for your lifestyle. This guide is intended to provide you with the basic information you will require when you buy your first pair of contact lenses.

Newbie Tips

There are a few general tips that every new contact lens wearer should know:

  • Practice putting your contact lenses in and taking them out – practice truly does make perfect.
  • If your contacts feel very uncomfortable speak to your optometrist to make sure they have selected the right type of contacts for you. Some people can be sensitive to certain types of contacts however, your optometrist will know what kind of contacts will best suit you.
  • Become familiar with what a contact lens looks like in order to be certain they are not backwards. The easiest thing to look for is the taco shape. When held in between your fingers the contact lens should fold in like a taco, if it folds outwards then it is backwards. Be sure to look for this when you’re just starting to wear contacts as putting in a backwards contact can be extremely painful.
  • Only wear them for a few hours at a time in order to get used to them. Your optometrist will instruct you exactly how long your contacts should be worn in order for your eyes to adjust.
  • Always carry lens cleaner with you in case your contact falls out. If your contact lens falls out it must be cleaned before you can put it back in. In fact, when starting to wear contacts it is best to be safe and keep a pair of glasses with you just in case.

Putting Them In and Taking Them Out

Putting your contacts in and taking them out can be very intimidating the first couple of times. Use these tips for greater success:

  • Clean your hands. This is not optional; as if you put your contacts in without washing your hands you put your eyes at a high risk of infection.
  • Gently shake your contact lenses in their case to loosen them.
  • Give the contact lenses a nice spritz of contact lens cleaner before inserting them.
  • Always make sure your fingers are clean and dry so you can pick up your lenses more easily.
  • When taking out your lenses place a paper towel over the drain so it doesn’t accidentally fall down the drain.
  • Keep your finger nails short until you get used to putting your lenses in and taking them out.

Care and Wear

The best tip here is to follow the instructions of your optometrist to a tee. They will instruct you on how to put your contacts in and how to take them out as well as the appropriate care for the type of lenses you have purchased.