Did you know that you can improve the health of your eyes by doing a few simple exercises? Our eyes are comprised of muscles too, and just like our other muscles, they can become weaker over time. This can lead to vision problems like blurriness and headaches. To keep your eyes strong and clear, try these five simple eye exercises to improve vision.

Focus on Blinking More

This is a simple but essential habit to remember for our eye health. Blinking might seem like a natural thing for us to do, but as we become attached to our tech devices and stare at screens for such long periods of time, it causes us to forget to blink. Blinking is important because it helps to keep our eyes naturally lubricated, which enables us to see clearer and focus on what we’re looking at. So try to take a few moments throughout the day to refresh your eyes and decrease the strain on them by blinking.

Altering Your Point of Focus

A really great way to refresh and strengthen your vision is by changing your point of focus. You can easily do this at any time or any place by looking away from your screen and focusing on your finger as you hold it out about 10 inches from your face. Keep your eyes on it for at least 5 seconds. Then look past your finger at something that’s about 20 feet away and keep the focus on it for another 5 seconds. Switch between these two points of focus for 2 minutes. This basic exercise is an excellent strengthening technique that will keep your eye muscles strong.

Trace the Figure Eight With Your Eyes

This exercise can potentially reduce the onset and progression of nearsightedness. All you have to do is use your eyes to trace an imaginary, horizontal figure eight. It’s best to do this when sitting down and focusing on making the circles as wide and exaggerated as possible. 

Zoom In and Out

While you have your finger placed out in front of you, you can practice the zooming exercise. Simply focus your eyes on your finger and move it closer towards you until it’s only a few inches from your face. Then move it further away slowly while maintaining your focus. Repeat this for 2 minutes at least twice each day for optimal results.

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Article has been reviewed by an Optometrist.