Our eyes are essential organs that let us experience the world around us. It’s for this reason that they require the best level of care. When simple issues are caught and treated early on, it can prevent them from developing into something more serious and potentially permanent. Choosing the right eye doctor is essential when taking the best care of your vision. Here are some things to look for in an optometrist.

Their Credentials

Like any major profession that deals with our health, their credentials are key.  Every qualified and licensed optometrist should have a board certification and of course, a license to practice. Most optometrists will be specialized too. These credentials should be placed on display in their office so that patients can easily view them.


What type of reputation do they have? With a quick search online, you can see what old and current patients have to say to help you decide if they are the right optometrist for you. Don’t forget to look at the good and bad reviews to get a complete picture of their level of service.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are critical for providing an optimal level of care, as with any profession. Your eye doctor should be prompt with their communication, providing you with updated information when necessary to keep you well informed. As a patient, you shouldn’t be left in the dark regarding a diagnosis or method of treatment. A good eye doctor will explain everything so that you can understand the process, how to care for your eyes, and how to keep them healthy. 

Hours and Location

If you need an eye doctor who offers a flexible schedule that will work with yours, make sure to look at their hours of operation. If you’re concerned about the distance from their office to your home, take a look to see if the location will work for you. Even if the optometrist has a glowing reputation, it won’t matter if their hours and location don’t suit your needs. 

They Listen to You

Any good eye doctor will be patient and willing to thoroughly listen to you in order to understand any issues that you’re experiencing with your vision. When scouring reviews, keep an eye out to see what patients are saying about their ability to listen.

Updated Equipment

You want to ensure that your eyes are receiving the best level of care which means your optometrist should be using the latest equipment available. With the rapid advancement of technology today, you shouldn’t be stuck with an eye doctor who is still using outdated equipment that’s not as accurate or effective. Newer tech in the field of eye health can produce faster and more accurate results and detect problems more easily which helps keep your eyes healthier. Look for advertisements or information about their technology or ask if they update their practices and equipment regular basis.

They Don’t Keep You Waiting

Your time is precious, so you shouldn’t be kept waiting for long periods of time when you booked an appointment. If your current optometrist keeps you waiting during most of your visits, you might want to start looking around. Every patient should be treated as a priority, and your eye doctor should be allotting enough time to ensure that you’re seen at the time that was scheduled.

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